Charles Mountford

Senior Professional

Charles is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute. He has experience working in a range of sectors including education, residential and historic landscapes.

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Charles has worked on a broad variety of projects, at various scales and through different work stages.

Project Experience

Project highlights have included working on Prior Park Landscape Garden, for the National Trust, to upgrade the water infrastructure associated with the historic dams and ponds and to restore historic landscape features within the garden.

Prior Park Landscape Garden was built by the entrepreneur Ralph Allen to provide a setting to his mansion. It is a highly significant Grade I Registered Park and Garden and it provides the landscape setting to the historically important and significant Grade I listed Prior Park Mansion and Palladian Bridge.

The project involved working closely with the dam engineer to sensitively integrate new elements of vital dam infrastructure into the landscape. The landscape restoration work seeks to minimise the impact of new infrastructure, reinstate historic landscape features associated with the dams and their setting, and to restore the effect of reflections important in designed views.

The repair of the dams and restoration of the landscape, associated features and reinstated water level of the ponds, aims to restore the garden to a condition commensurate with that of the original intent of the third phase of the garden’s design. It is intended that restoration of the garden is planned to replicate what is was believed to be like in 1764, the culmination of the garden’s design and the phase which may be attributable to ‘Capability’ Brown’s involvement.

The project is rewarding and through the conservation of the Landscape Garden and the setting it provides for the Palladian Bridge and Prior Park Mansion, it has presented an opportunity for this important historic landscape to be safeguarded for current and future generations.




  • BA (Hons), DipLA
  • Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (CMLI)

Career History

  • Charles obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire. Prior to that, he gained experience working in a team of Landscape Architects within an architectural practice who specialised in the educational sector. Following successfully gaining his Diploma, Charles built on his previous experience working in a multidisciplinary environmental practice, working closely with in-house Arboriculturists and Ecologists, on projects within the residential sector.

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