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We are an independent, award-winning, multidisciplinary consultancy with complementary expertise in Environmental Assessment, Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation.

For over 35 years we have promoted a collaborative approach to delivering environmentally responsible projects at all stages of the planning, design, construction and management process. 

Our vision and quality of service

We have an established reputation for quality of service, attention to detail and achievement through the successful promotion of our clients’ aspirations.

Our vision is to create schemes that enrich people’s lives and enhance the environment, both now and for future generations.

We work together to ensure that projects are promoted on the basis of a detailed understanding of their context and characteristics. Robust assessment and practical experience enable us to deliver the highest quality of design. This can assist in avoiding or minimising adverse effects and maximises opportunities for the environmental enhancement of projects.

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Our expertise

Our Registered EIA Practitioners have an established track record in the field of Environmental Assessment and we are IEMA EIA Quality Mark scheme members. We can support you from the strategic to project level by providing specialist EIA screening, scoping, ES production and review.

As a Landscape Institute Registered Practice with an experienced team of Chartered Landscape Architects, we can provide a full range of professional services. We deliver creative design solutions through recognition and understanding of the physical, character and policy contexts of our project sites.

We provide a complete range of ecological services which guide our clients through all stages of project planning, preparation and implementation. Our experienced team of ecologists has a proven record of achieving successful outcomes on a range of complex projects.

Our talented team of 3D Visualisers prepare everything from sketch concepts to high quality photorealistic images, creating static and animated visualisations. We can support you at all stages of the planning and development process.

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How can we help you?

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