Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architects can help you in every stage of your project. We will support you from the start, with landscape assessment and capacity studies to identify your site’s full potential.

We understand landscape character, assess potential effects of change, and provide you with creative solutions for sustainable designs. We will support you with a wide range of professional services through all stages of the life of your project; paving the way to realise your vision.

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Project solutions you can rely on

  • Our value-led approach to Landscape Architecture will help you deliver your project’s potential. We will work with you to understand your ambitions and provide you with design solutions and pragmatic guidance on how to achieve it.

    We are an integral team member. We will work with you and co-professionals to design beautiful and sustainable projects. We want to help you see the holistic environmental potential of your site and will work with you through all work stages to achieve this.

    Through our embedded landscape assessment approach and experience, we will refine each brief and integrate your project into its surroundings regardless of scale.

  • We have a track record of achieving success for our clients in all sectors. Our assessment, design and management expertise are of added value, particularly for projects located in sensitive environments.

    Implementation of projects on the ground can be a challenge. Our experience of tender, specification and supervision gives us the know-how to design practical, cost-effective, and high-quality places, helping to manage your project risks.

    We will help you to create better projects and places for our future.

Working together to deliver your success

Dedicated to achieving your objectives, our team can support you with:

We can provide complementary expertise in Environmental Design, Ecology and Visualisation.

We adhere to the professional standards of the Landscape Institute so you can be sure of the quality of our service

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Delivering quality designs based on our robust assessment of your site and an understanding of its context is at the heart of what we do. Calling on our extensive skills and experience, we work out creative and practical solutions to project needs.

We work on all stages of project planning:

Strategic advice

We can work with you at a strategic level, providing advice, input, review and assessment of strategic plans and programmes.

We have experience in the very early stages of project planning. We can provide strategic advice and Green Infrastructure planning, assessment of alternatives and feasibility studies.

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With a multidisciplinary ethos, we collaborate with colleagues in-house or external co-consultants to prepare development masterplans that are responsive to context and project ambitions.

Our approach seeks to understand and enhance the inherent potential of a site and to weave the future development footprint into the natural or pre-existing grain of the setting.

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Green Infrastructure

We can work with you to identify and understand existing and potential green and blue infrastructure assets which have the capacity to enhance the landscape character, amenity and biodiversity value of your site as well as delivering essential cost-effective infrastructure.

We can provide strategies to either enhance existing, or establish new, green infrastructure and nature recovery networks as part of high-quality proposals that deliver added value to projects.

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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

We have extensive experience in carrying out Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments, in accordance with best practice guidance and for all levels of planning and EIA submissions. Our experience covers a full range of development types and scales, including individual properties, urban expansions, tall buildings and infrastructure elements.

Depending on the site type, context and stage of the planning process, we also undertake Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments; Landscape, Seascape and Visual Impact Assessments; Landscape Character Assessments; and Landscape Appraisals.

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Landscape and Urban Design

Our talented and award-winning team of landscape designers understand how to unlock the potential for any site. We will generate a brief with you that will ensure the project design meets the needs of the project and will create enriching environments which people will really appreciate.

We relish finding solutions to challenging situations and build on our experience with each new commission. Our understanding and appreciation of external context factors and the broader remit of our professional basis enables us to really add value to your project team. Working collaboratively with other disciplines and co-consultants, our wide range of sector exposure enables best practice from across a range of settings to benefit your project.

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Consulting with the public and statutory consultees

We can work with you to consult with the public and statutory consultees, building vital relationships in key areas. Consultation is an integral part of the planning and design process.

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Environmental Management Plans

We can draw on the knowledge and expertise gained through the assessment and design process to assist with the preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans, Landscape and Ecological Management Plans and other such plans that may be required for your project.

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Expert Witness

We have extensive experience of providing landscape expert witnesses and prepare proofs of evidence for public inquiries and appeals. We have a reputation for attention to detail for robust technical assessment and reporting and have won many cases.

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