Bath Spa University Newton Park Amphitheatre


Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation

We are an independent, award-winning, multidisciplinary consultancy with complementary expertise in Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation.

For over 40 years we have promoted a collaborative approach to delivering environmentally responsible projects at all stages of the planning, design, construction and management process.

How can we help you?

We will support you with our multi-disciplinary approach to Environmental Design in every stage of your project.

As a Landscape Institute Registered Practice with an experienced team of Chartered Landscape Architects, we can provide a full range of professional services. We deliver creative design solutions through recognition and understanding of the physical, character and policy contexts of our project sites.

Our ecologists will help you understand the biodiversity potential of your site. Our environmental design approach to the management and enhancement of your site can help deliver biodiversity net gains through development.

Our talented team of 3D Visualisers prepare everything from sketch concepts to high quality photorealistic images, creating static and animated visualisations. We can support you at all stages of the planning and development process.