We can provide a range of visualisation services. These services are supported by our complementary skills and expertise in Environmental Assessment, Landscape Architecture and Ecology.

Our services include 3D modelling, verified views, photomontages and animations.

Grounded in reality

  • Our high-quality visualisations are grounded in reality and go beyond the purely theoretical. They will help you understand your site potential and visualise development opportunities.

    Our talented team have expertise in a range of graphics packages, preparing everything from sketch concepts to photorealistic images, working to create both high quality images and animations.

  • Our accurate 3D visualisation techniques can creatively demonstrate project potential and inspire confidence in the design. Accurate 3D models can help test designs efficiently at each stage of design. Our verified views are prepared in accordance with best practice and latest guidelines. Our clients and consultees report how our visualisations have helped deliver planning consents as the images we prepare stand up to scrutiny.

Working together to promote your aspirations

Our reputation for our high quality of service and attention to detail has been established over a period of more than 35 years.

We work to recognised professional technical guidelines and follow rigorous internal procedures to ensure that our work not only looks good but is also robust and can withstand scrutiny. We ensure that we stay up to date with current practice and, through experience, use the right methods where required. We can advise you on the best approach for your project.

We are experienced in liaising with clients and a range of professionals, including landscape designers, architects and engineers to ensure that we understand their requirements. The quality of our work and ability to visualise projects and deliver results are recognised by our clients, consultees and decision-makers.

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Visualisations are a powerful tool for projects throughout the development process,
from concept through to detailed design stage.

Our experienced team can assist you with:

3D modelling

We can prepare 3D digital models using data such as CAD plans and elevations provided by the design team. These models can range from basic wireline blocks to fully detailed architectural models using photoreal materials and realistic lighting.

Block models can be helpful early in the design process to test massing, scale and design ideas.

3D models can efficiently, and effectively, test material specifications, surface finishes, textures and lighting, ensuring that the right options are chosen.

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Verified Views

A verified view is a 3D image of a development that is verified by using a baseline of verifiable visual data and information such as photography, topographic survey and digital models. The purpose of a verified view is to impartially represent a proposed development as it would appear ‘in reality and in context’. Regular and repeat clients have come to rely on the accuracy of our work contributing to consultation and determination process and the success of their projects.

Verified Views are also referred to as Verified View Montages or Visually Verified Montages (VVMs); Verified Visual Images (VVIs) or Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs).

Our experienced 3D Visualisers can advise you on the range of services we provide and the appropriate level of detail for the stage of your development.

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We can produce CGI images and photomontages of design ideas and developments when a more artistic style may be required to portray your ideas. These can be used at any time in the design process and can vary from sketches to promotional CGI images of consented developments.

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We can create animations to assist with the design process through to the promotion of a finished scheme.

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