At every stage of your project, we will provide sound ecological advice, explain the natural processes at work and help you secure the permissions you need.

We assess each site at the right time to identify and understand species and habitat potential. We will then work with you to put in place site-specific ecological design and mitigation solutions.

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Expertise that supports your vision

  • Our ecologists will help you understand the biodiversity potential of your site. We will get to know your site and build a consultancy relationship that you can depend on.

    Our ecological site surveys and assessments will identify your project’s ecological baseline and potential, and help you prepare for any planning and licensing approvals.

    We have a reputation for thorough but pragmatic work combined with an appreciation of the commercial drivers of each project.

  • Our practical experience, scientific knowledge, and understanding of the relevant policy and legislation provide a foundation for ecological design solutions which maximise biodiversity net gain.

    We have a passion for both nature and projects. We will work together with you to combine these and deliver successful outcomes for you and the environment.

    We will help your project to create healthier ecosystems for the future.

Ecological service that you can depend on

When it comes to ecology, timing is everything!

You can depend on us to advise you on actions needed at the right time. Our Ecology Survey Calendar provides a handy guide but is no substitute for the bespoke expert advice that we can provide at any stage in a project.

We adhere to the most up-to-date professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) to provide you with a trustworthy service.

We are here to help you with Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Ecological Surveys, Biodiversity Net Gain calculations, Protected Species Licencing, and Ecological Monitoring.

Our ecological expertise is a foundational element of our Environmental Design approach.

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We are here to help you

Whether you are a private individual, a public authority or a major developer,
we will support you through each step of the process.

We will use our ecological expertise to assist you with:

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

We are experienced in carrying out the first stage of a site assessment. This is known as a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA). The survey involves a desk-based study and a site visit to undertake an Extended Phase I Habitat Survey. A PEA will identify the potential ecological constraints and opportunities on a site. We can then advise you of any ecological implications for your proposal and recommend appropriate mitigation.

We can tailor the output of the PEA to your needs. PEA are generally not considered appropriate for a planning submission. They are, however, often used to inform the initial masterplanning discussions with the design team. In addition, they can be undertaken as a pre-acquisition survey or to collate the relevant data for a BREEAM assessment.

A PEA is often supplemented with further surveys, such as those for protected species. These will inform an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), either as a standalone report or as a chapter of an ES.

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Ecological surveys

We can support you by identifying the ecological surveys required for your project.  Our team will design and undertake surveys in accordance with best practice guidelines utilising the latest techniques and technology.

Obtaining the correct baseline data early within the process is essential for identifying constraints and opportunities and for preparing a robust planning application.

Our survey experience and competence covers a range of protected species. We also specialise in Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and provide National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys and botanical surveys.

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Ecological Impact Assessment

We are experienced in undertaking Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) in accordance with CIEEM guidelines.

We tailor our approach according to the nature and scale of the development proposed and the sensitivity of the location.

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Habitats Regulations Assessment

We have extensive experience of working on developments with the potential to affect internationally designated sites, including Special Protection Areas, Special Areas of Conservation and Ramsar sites.

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Protected species mitigation licences

We can advise on UK protected species. Our team can work with you to help your project navigate the process of preparing mitigation strategies and securing mitigation licences in relation to a wide range of protected species, including badgers, bats, crayfish, great crested newts and dormice.

We have an in-house Registered Consultant who can administer Natural England’s Bat Mitigation Class Licence (formally known as the BLICL) to accelerate the process, where circumstances permit.

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Biodiversity Net Gain

Our team is experienced at undertaking Biodiversity Net Gain calculations. The DEFRA offsetting calculator has been used for Local Planning Authorities that have adopted the approach.

We ensure that we highlight the net gain consideration early within the process. By doing so, any potential cost implications and timing constraints can be clearly understood.

We work proactively with design teams and statutory consultees. Our team provides pragmatic advice to clients as early as possible in the process to minimise the risk of delays and to ensure that projects meet the net gain principle.

We can test options and liaise with third parties where necessary, should off-site compensation measures be required.


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Ecological monitoring and management

We can support you by undertaking ecological monitoring and management to ensure that measures are being implemented as anticipated and achieving the desired outcomes. Ecological monitoring is often a key requirement of a protected species licence. The preparation of robust ecological or habitat management plans can often unlock complex sites for planning progress, or are required to discharge planning conditions.

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Strategic advice

We can work with you at a strategic level, providing ecological advice, input, review and assessment of strategic plans and programmes.

We have experience in the very early stages of project planning, providing strategic ecological advice and Green Infrastructure planning, assessment of alternatives and feasibility studies.

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Green Infrastructure

We can work with you to identify existing and potential green and blue infrastructure assets which have the capacity to enhance the character, amenity and biodiversity value of your site as well as delivering essential cost-effective infrastructure. We can provide strategies to either enhance existing, or establish new, green infrastructure and nature recovery networks as part of high-quality proposals that deliver added value to projects.

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Sustainability Assessments

We can provide advice through all stages of the development process to help you maximise sustainable outcomes. We have experience in helping secure and evidence the award of credits through the BREEAM assessment process, including BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL).

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Environmental Management Plans

We can work with you and provide input to Construction Environmental Management Plans, Landscape and Ecological Management Plans and other such plans that may be required for your project.

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