• Client
    Girls Day School Trust
  • Location
    Lansdown Road, Bath

The Royal High School was required to undertake a site wide investigation and reparation of roofing structures, including several listed building roofs, due to ongoing deterioration.

We provided ecological support to the project, identifying a number of bat roosts, including a maternity roost of serotine bats, within the roof voids which required reparations. We worked closely with the architects to produce a work programme across a number of years that would allow works to be undertaken to the roofs with minimal disturbance to bats.

A bespoke site wide licence for the works was obtained from Natural England, detailing working methods during the roof strip as well as mitigation designed to preserve the bat roosts on site. Following completion of works to a number of the roosts, bats, including the serotines, have been confirmed to have returned.

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