Ecological Survey Calendar

Our Ecological Survey Calendar provides a handy guide to the optimal time to undertake a range of ecological surveys. It has been developed using current best practice guidance.  The calendar is, however, no substitute for the bespoke expert advice that we can provide at any stage in a project.

Surveys should be carried out in the optimal survey window in order to get the most accurate results. Although surveys are still possible in the sub-optimal survey window, the results may be inconclusive and as a result the surveys may need to be repeated.

The calendar is for guidance only and the following should be noted:

  • Survey requirements are likely to vary on a site by site basis.
  • More than one survey and more than one survey methodology may be required in order to get conclusive results.
  • The surveyor may require a licence to carry out certain protected species surveys.
  • Weather conditions may influence the survey results even within the optimum survey season.
  • An ecologist should be consulted prior to any survey recommendations being provided.
  • Optimal time for survey will vary based on a site’s location within the country.
  • Ecology Survey Calendar

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Ceri has worked as a consultant ecologist since 2004 and has a depth of experience gained through working on a diverse range of projects, from small sites through to large urban expansions.