Planning consents in Cotswolds AONB and Green Belt

Planning consents have been gained for mixed use development on two sites in Box, Wiltshire. Both sites are located within the Cotswolds AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the Bristol/Bath Green Belt. The proposals were informed by landscape and visual assessments and required high quality designs which responded to the sensitive landscape context.

We were appointed early in the project to undertake landscape and visual appraisals. These helped to identify constraints and opportunities and inform the development parameters. The sites (Millside and Timber Yard), whilst brownfield, are in very sensitive locations at the edge of the village with strong relationships to the wider designated landscape and open countryside.

High quality development proposals, including new homes and workspaces, were prepared by the design team, led by Stonewood Design. Proposals variously responded to the landscape by considering existing vegetation, carefully utilising site topography and integrating the sites into the local landscape using natural materials.

We supported the applications through the preparation of a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and Verified View Montages (VVM). The VVM process was an important design tool in establishing height parameters, especially in relation to views from adjacent residential properties, and assisted in public consultations.

Verified View Montage of proposed Timber Yard development
Verified View Montage of proposed Timber Yard development

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Simon is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience across the breadth of the planning and development sector.

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