Rosie James

Senior Professional

Rosie is a Chartered Landscape Architect and has experience of working within multidisciplinary project teams across the various stages of the planning and development process.

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Rosie has project experience within the residential, commercial, health, heritage and leisure sectors, often within environmentally and historically sensitive contexts. In addition to involvement with various housing and mixed-used developments, she has worked on schemes for flood alleviation and historic parkland restoration.


With a background in environmental science and multidisciplinary practice, Rosie understands the importance of communication and collaborative working for project success. Rosie seeks to develop multifunctional green infrastructure, to enhance places and our experience of them, from the site to the landscape scale. For example, the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to deliver aesthetic and ecological benefits, alongside water management. Rosie is particularly interested in the relationships between landscape and health, and how we can design places to bring us closer to nature.

Project Experience

Rosie is involved in projects across the planning and development process from initial strategic stages, through planning and assessment, to detailed design, construction and management. 

She has conducted landscape assessments proportional to the stage of the project and the sensitivity of the site. This includes initial landscape and visual studies, input into a green belt review to compare sites from a landscape perspective, and production of landscape and visual appraisals (LVAs) to inform site design and support planning applications. Rosie has undertaken Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) for sites with sensitive contexts, and as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. She has also undertaken Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments (TVIA) for sites within an urban context, including proposed mixed-used developments with tall building elements within Bristol.

Rosie has been involved with a number of projects concerning the past, present and future of designated and historic parklands. This has included supporting the team to develop restoration proposals for the cascade and pond dams at Prior Park, Bath, which balanced the need to improve future resilience of the landscape with the conservation of historic views. Rosie has also conducted a strategic review of the various future management options for a historic parkland, seeking to restore the landscape and create public access. This process has involved careful consideration of the likely future context of the estate, in addition to its past and existing uses, and presentation at a stakeholder workshop to discuss the opportunities and constraints for parkland management.    


  • BSc (Hons), MA
  • Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (CMLI)

Career History

  • Rosie previously worked at Peter Brett Associates, where she assisted the landscape team with landscape planning projects and worked closely with civil engineers to detail landscape proposals for a reserved matters application.

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