Environmental Impact Assessment

We carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as an integral part of our award-winning, multidisciplinary, consultancy. We have complementary skills and expertise in Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation.

We have an established track record in the field of EIA and can provide EIA screening, scoping, ES production and review.

Putting quality at the heart of what we do

  • Our reputation for quality of service and project success has been established over a period of more than 35 years.

  • We are Corporate Members of IEMA and are registered IEMA EIA Quality Mark scheme members.

    The quality of our work is also recognised by our clients who see us as an integral part of their project planning team.

Our skills deliver success

The EIA Regulations require an ES to be prepared by a ‘competent expert’. In addition to being registered on the IEMA EIA Quality Mark, our team includes Chartered Environmentalists, Full Members of IEMA and IEMA Registered EIA Practitioners.

We deliver high quality Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments. We adhere to the professional standards of the Landscape Institute and Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

If your project does not require formal EIA, we can still add value to your project proposals and site by preparing environmental reports and applying our expertise to anticipate and manage your project’s environmental effects.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, proportionate, outputs. We utilise our skills in graphics packages, CAD, GIS and 3D visualisation software to meet your requirements and support our EIA work.

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We are here to help you

Using our extensive skills and experience, we anticipate the issues that may arise and work with you and your team to proactively resolve these.

We can support you at all stages of the EIA process:

EIA screening

Our team can work with you to establish whether your proposed development may require an Environmental Impact Assessment under the EIA Regulations.

We can advise you on how to proceed so that likely significant adverse effects are avoided from the outset, or that mitigation and beneficial effects are embedded into scheme design. An EIA may then not be required.

We can prepare a screening letter or report to accompany a formal request to a planning authority for a screening opinion.

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EIA scoping

Once we have established that your proposed development requires an EIA, we can advise on the studies that need to be undertaken.

We can prepare a scoping report to accompany a formal request to a planning authority for a scoping opinion. Our experience shows that this stage can be critical in defining the outcomes of the planning process for EIA projects.

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ES preparation

We have extensive experience of collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. We act as lead coordinator in the preparation of quality Environmental Statements, ensuring that they are in accordance with the latest EIA Regulations and best practice guidance.

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Consulting with the public and statutory consultees

Consultation is an integral part of our work. We can work with you to consult with the public and statutory consultees, building vital relationships in key areas.

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ES review

The EIA Regulations require planning authorities to demonstrate that they have sufficient expertise to examine an ES. If a local authority needs additional expertise, we can provide this independent scrutiny.

We have extensive experience of reviewing ESs for planning authorities to determine if they meet regulatory requirements and follow best practice guidance.

We also review ESs for private clients.

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Environmental Management Plans

The EIA process often leads to recommendations for mitigation measures to be implemented through Environmental Management Plans.

We can draw on the knowledge and expertise gained through the EIA process to assist with the preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans, Landscape and Ecological Management Plans and other plans that may be required through planning conditions.

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