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We provide strategic advice from our professional perspective as an integral part of our work within an award-winning, multidisciplinary consultancy. We can work with you at a strategic level, providing advice and assessment of land based strategic plans and programmes.

Providing advice at the earliest opportunity

  • We can provide advice in relation to strategic plans and programmes. We are also experienced in the very early stages of project planning.

  • We can advise on alternative approaches, alternative site assessments and feasibility studies to support clients and decision makers at key points.

An experienced team

Our reputation for quality of service and project success has been established over a period of more than 40 years.

Our experienced team can draw on their expertise in Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture and Ecology to provide specialist strategic advice, or work together to provide a multidisciplinary approach.

We have worked for government agencies, local authorities and private developers.

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Using our extensive, collaborative skills and experience, we anticipate the issues that may arise and work to proactively resolve these. We work can advise at the earliest stages of project planning:

Strategic Appraisals

We have undertaken a range of Strategic Appraisals for government agencies and local authorities, advising on social, economic and environmental considerations during the preparation of policy and programme documents.

We can ensure that strategically significant environmental and sustainability issues are identified and addressed at an early stage in development planning.

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Strategic HRA

We have undertaken a range of strategic Habitats Regulation Assessments, working with government agencies and local authorities, to identify the likely significant effects of their policies and programmes on ‘European sites’ and advise on approaches to avoiding or mitigating these.

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Feasibility Studies

Drawing on our extensive multidisciplinary experience, we can advise at the earliest stages to help determine whether a project may be feasible. We can advise on opportunities and constraints and provide creative solutions to take projects forward to the next stage.

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Options Appraisals

We work with clients to review alternative approaches to meeting project aims and objectives. This includes consideration of alternative forms of technology, alternative sites and alternative designs. This work may be required to justify certain types of development, or development in sensitive locations. It may also be required as part of wider assessment processes, such as Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment.

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