Biodiversity and Development: the 25 Year Plan

In January, the Government published ‘A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’. The publication was welcomed by CIEEM and IEMA for recognising the importance of the environment and providing an ambitious long term vision.  There was, however, agreement that it needed to be underpinned by strong legislation and governance and have a greater sense of urgency.

One of the goals is to achieve “thriving plants and wildlife”, with policies focusing on “recovering nature”.  An ‘environmental net gain’ principle will be embedded into development, including housing and infrastructure. The aim is to achieve this without increasing burdens on developers and reducing costs, complexity and delays. As part of this, the Government will look to build on and further streamline protected species licensing.

There is also an action to work with development professionals to explore ways in which design can contribute to environmental improvements, leading to better places in which to live and work and a reduced environmental footprint; something we strive to achieve through our work.

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