New Visualisation Guidelines Published

The Landscape Institute has published a new Technical Guidance Note (06/19) for the “Visual Representation of Development Proposals”.

The guidelines, which supersede previous advice, provide clarity on the different types of visualisation which might be prepared, often in support of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), as part of a development project. The guidance aims to help many of those involved the planning and development process.

The new Technical Guidance Note explains the methodology and rationale for different technical ‘Visualisation Types’ and provides an indication as to when each ‘type’ might be appropriate. It advocates proportionate and reasonable approaches to the scope of visual representation, in line with related guidance for LVIA.

Four ‘Visualisation Types’ are defined (from least to most sophisticated, in terms of equipment, process and presentation) as follows:

  • Type 1 – Annotated viewpoint photographs;
  • Type 2 – 3D wireline / model;
  • Type 3 – photomontage / photowire;
  • Type 4 – photomontage / photowire (survey / scale verifiable).

The appropriate selection of each ‘type’ depends on a range of factors including the nature of development, the purpose of the image, the stakeholders involved and the sensitivity of the proposal.  Use of different types of visualisation may change during the course of a development project.

The guidance provides information on the type of photographic equipment needed as well as discussing issues such as accuracy, data and presentation requirements for the different visualisation types.  It acknowledges that regional specific methodologies for visualisations may well be appropriate and advocates consultation with competent authorities on the approach to visualisations being prepared.

We have extensive experience of preparing visualisations which accord with the new guidelines. We were pleased to assist and support the Landscape Institute Technical Committee with the preparation of the Technical Advice Note.

Further details of the new guidance are provided in our article ‘Visual Representation of Development Proposals‘.

Simon is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience across the breadth of the planning and development sector.

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