Ecological survey season: timing it right!

Biodiversity is now at the forefront of local and national planning policy. To ensure your project meets the regulatory requirements and delivers Biodiversity Net Gain we can tell you what ecological surveys to carry out, and when.

Ecological surveys are a key consideration when planning for development and, with spring edging closer, it’s a good time to start thinking ahead.

Many surveys can only be undertaken at certain times of year. Surveys may also need to be spaced throughout the season to obtain sufficient data to support your proposal. Identifying survey requirements at an early stage will avoid potential delays, minimise environmental impacts, and ensure your project meets regulatory requirements.

Our experienced ecologists can guide you through the process of identifying the necessary surveys and timings. We can then provide you with the robust data and reporting required to inform your proposal. We can also identify opportunities to enhance the ecology of your site to maximise Biodiversity Net Gain.

Our Ecological Survey Calendar provides a handy guide to which surveys can be undertaken when but is no substitute for the bespoke advice we can provide at any stage in a project.

Please get in touch via our Contact Us page or call us on 01225 876990 to discuss how we can help you.

Clare is a Graduate Ecologist with Nicholas Pearson Associates. She is working towards chartership with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

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