Tree Planting as a Contribution to Net Zero UK

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today published their report Land use: Policies for a Net Zero UK. One of the report’s key findings is that there needs to be a significant increase in tree planting. We aim to ensure that our work safeguards existing trees and contributes to the planting of additional trees.

The CCC report presents their first ever in-depth advice on UK agricultural and land use policies. It assesses the way land is currently used and the changes required in how land is farmed and used in order to deliver the UK Government’s Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050.

One of the report’s key findings is that there needs to be an increase in tree planting. UK forestry cover needs to increase from 13% to at least 17% by 2050 by planting around 30,000 hectares (90 – 120 million trees) of broadleaf and conifer woodland each year.

Through our work we seek to safeguard existing valuable and irreplaceable woodland and tree resources wherever possible. Our schemes also contribute to significant tree planting in urban, sub-urban and rural contexts.

At Plymstock Quarry, for example, we have delivered a landscape masterplan that has breathed new life into a previously damaged quarry landscape. It will have contributed approximately 5,000 trees and 19,000 shrubs over its build-out phase. Our green infrastructure  proposals integrate these into connected and resilient public and private greenspace, habitat and wildlife corridors.

For further advice on how to safeguard existing trees and maximise the benefits of planting new trees as part of your development proposals, please contact us.

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