Landscape Design Woven Through Twerton Mill, Bath

As part of the design team for Twerton Mill Student Accommodation, Nicholas Pearson Associates worked on the landscape and ecological design of the external realm from inception through to completion.

The site, a former textile mill, is located on Lower Bristol Road in Bath, adjacent to the River Avon.  The site also falls within the Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage Site.

The overall scheme design drew upon the industrial heritage of the site. Buildings were designed around a chain of inner courtyards. The landscape concept was based on an image of weaving, with paths as warp and planting as weft.

Design issues resolved by the team included the relationship to the adjacent streetscape to the south, to the listed buildings to the west, to the tree-lined wildlife rich, river corridor to the north, and site soils contaminated with hydrocarbons. The inner courtyards were designed with flood resilience in mind and provide flood storage capacity.

Twerton Mill, Bath

Twerton Mill, Bath

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