Ecological Survey Season

Quality ecological survey information is the basis of good masterplanning and design. You can depend on us to advise you on what surveys need to be undertaken and when!

Ecological surveys are essential for identifying constraints and opportunities. It is important to identify survey requirements at an early stage to avoid potential delays to your proposal. A number of ecological surveys are seasonally dependent. They may also need to be spaced through the season in order to obtain sufficient baseline data to inform your proposal. As such, it is crucial to consider the need and scope of surveys as early as possible. We can guide you through this process.

Our Ecological Survey Calendar provides a handy glance-guide but it is no substitute for the bespoke expert advice that we can provide at any stage in a project.

With the emerging policies and targets for achieving biodiversity net-gain through development, robust survey before the project starts, by experienced Ecologists is more important than ever.

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