Reflecting on our 40th Year

As we reach the end of what has been a tumultuous year globally, we look back on our 40th year in business with gratitude for the opportunities we have had to collaborate with so many remarkable people on so many enjoyable projects.

As ever, we hold on to our vision of working collaboratively to deliver high-quality projects that are both environmentally and socially responsible. Working in the field of Environmental Design, our Landscape Architecture, Ecology, and Visualisation teams have delivered sustainable, elegant solutions for a wide range of clients in a broad range of settings. From placemaking designs that redefine spaces for community well-being, to ecological initiatives that enhance and support nature, as well as compelling visualisations that breathe 3D digital life into projects, the work of the past year has demonstrated our continued commitment to responsible environmental design.

Shaping Landscapes, Inspiring Lives

Our landscape designs have created spaces for living and have shaped lived experiences for communities. From revitalising urban areas to creating places for new communities with opportunities for connections with nature, our projects have helped ensure that the landscapes of the future are enduring and sustainable. The green infrastructure networks, public open spaces, and civic places we have helped shape, bear the imprint of thoughtful design, reflecting our commitment to delivering lasting solutions that are rooted in their context. Our belief in the importance of social health and well-being is bolstered by our commitment to instilling a sense of place and harmony within our design work. Our expertise in understanding the individual characteristics of each landscape has helped us prepare contextual landscape designs and undertake landscape and visual impact assessments to accompany a wide range of successful planning applications in 2023.

Notable highlights include:
ICE Awards Ceremony Prior Park success
Prior Park success at the ICE Awards 2023

Gaining more with Ecology

As stewards of the environment, we believe in making a positive impact through our work. The emerging Biodiversity Net Gain mandate adds weight to this part of the process. Our ecological solutions, developed collaboratively between our Ecologists and Landscape Architects, enhance habitats to both protect and maximise biodiversity value within developments. Our ecologists employ the latest survey techniques and operate at the forefront of legislative change to ensure our clients understand how their vision can be shaped positively with nature to provide genuine Biodiversity Net Gain.

Notable highlights include:
  • Helping to achieve planning consent for the development of houses at Mount Pleasant Quarry, Bath
  • Demonstrating Biodiversity Net Gain potential at a range of sites for a variety of clients grappling with the emerging guidance.

The Art and Science of Visualisation

High-quality and accurate visualisation techniques remain our ally in translating our clients’ designed ideas into visual reality.  This year witnessed the power of visualisation to demonstrate the visual impacts of proposed developments and unlock planning successes in Bath, Bristol, and beyond. From intricate and atmospheric CGI renderings that captured the essence of the design concepts, to Verified Visual Montages that enabled stakeholders to see and understand the development proposals in detail, we combine the art and science of visualisation to convey the passion and precision behind our work.

Notable highlights include:
11002 V02 BC209 90C Pro
Our visualisation for the new Stadium for Bath

Collaboration and Personal Highlights

Our project successes are rarely solitary achievements and it is the wide-ranging nature of our collaborations that make our work so enjoyable. Throughout 2023, we thrived in partnership working with our clients and specialist co-consultants, including planners, engineers, and architects. We do recognise that the synthesis of diverse skills and perspectives is integral to innovation and success in complex project situations.

We continually encourage the progression and development of our team and we also celebrated the professional achievements of our colleagues: Aisa Irvine was promoted to Senior Ecologist; Lizi Shelley was successful in her Landscape Institute Chartership and was promoted to Professional Landscape Architect; and we recently congratulated Katie Lewis on her graduation from the University of Gloucester with a BA in Landscape Architecture.

Not forgetting to pause and take time out to enjoy and celebrate our team’s successes, in the summer we enjoyed a company day out to take in the sights of Bristol from the water, many of which we have helped create!

NPA Summer Outing
NPA summer social in Bristol

A Changing Landscape

More than ever, the past year has demonstrated that Environmental Design is a crucial ally in responding to changing climate. Our unique, interdisciplinary perspective has helped us design and deliver an increasing number of projects whose primary objective is to help cope with the impacts of climate change. From acting as Landscape Clerk of Work on schemes, to contributing to historic dam restorations, we have helped our clients recognise the value and approach we bring to their projects.

Thoughtful design can actively improve people’s health and well-being, reduce carbon emissions, promote biodiversity, and help mitigate extreme weather effects. Environmental design is not just about adapting to climate shifts but about making an active contribution to the recovery of ecosystems and reducing emissions at the same time.

NPA ASEA Flood Defences
Providing Landscape Clerk of Works support to creation of new flood defences and habitat creation, ASEA River Severn

Thank you from all of us at Nicholas Pearson Associates

We look forward to continuing our work with you in 2024. Please do contact us to discuss how we can assist with your next project.

Simon is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience across the breadth of the planning and development sector.