Working Around COVID-19

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees and those we work with during the current COVID-19 situation. We are also committed to maintaining a high standard of service to all our clients, within current operating constraints. Our flexible approach and good communication are going to be vital.

As a company, we rely heavily on technology to undertake our project work. The nature of our site-specific projects means we are well equipped for being away from the office, but still very much ‘in touch’ with our clients and each other. This enables us to deliver projects across our range of disciplines, sectors and services.

The ability to work remotely has also been extended to our core office-based team so that we can maintain our service delivery.

In addition to this, we have implemented a policy to increase flexibility of working arrangements during this period to help our team manage work and home responsibilities.

In line with Government advice, we have asked our team to work from home wherever possible. You can continue to contact our team by mobile, email and via internet conferencing.

We will consider every business trip that is planned for the near future. Where possible, we will identify if alternatives to making the trip can be considered. This may include postponing the trip, holding meetings via other means such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or phone calls. If travel is deemed essential, we will risk assess on a case by case basis.

It seems inevitable that there will be times when members of our team are not available. Where necessary, we will advise our clients if this is the case and provide an alternative point of contact.

We wish everyone all the best during this period. Please do stay in touch, even if it is to let us know how you are. We plan to make it a priority for us all to maintain personal and professional contacts over the coming months.

Simon is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience across the breadth of the planning and development sector.

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