Priory Vale : Successful Tree Planting Solutions

The new settlement of Priory Vale on the northern edge of Swindon incorporated a range of tree planting solutions that formed part of a suite of landscape design measures necessary to integrate this extensive scheme into the existing green infrastructure of the local landscape.

Substantial consideration was given to the location, arrangement and species selection of new trees in order to ensure that they were appropriate to their context within the overall development and were suited to the local soil conditions.

Priory Vale : Successful Tree Planting Solutions

Larger, broad canopied trees were planted within the wide, grassy boulevards with smaller, more upright trees located within the narrower, hard paved parts of the urban core.  Native species trees were selected for the larger public open spaces to complement the existing, retained network of hedgerows, individual trees and woodland blocks. Large mature trees were retained to provide established focal features for new open spaces and urban squares.

Priory Vale : Successful Tree Planting Solutions

A range of tree pit designs were prepared to provide optimum rooting conditions in both soft and hard landscape locations; some of which incorporated positive drainage where appropriate, to take account of the local heavy clay soils.  The environmental quality of the new neighbourhood is enhanced through the careful design of tree pits and the successful establishment of the variety of trees planted.

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Gavin is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute with seventeen years’ experience within the field of Landscape Architecture. He has been involved in a wide range of projects from the assessment/planning stage through to site implementation.

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