Prior Park Landscape Garden Dams Restoration Begins

Restoration of the 18th century dams at National Trust’s Prior Park Landscape Garden has begun. Contractors are expected to be on site throughout 2020.

Known as the dams project, the extensive works will see the garden’s historic structures strengthened, an empty lake refilled, paths reinstated and the return of the cascade – a long-lost original feature.

The project will fall into three phases. Initial site set up and protection works will take place this autumn. The main engineering works is expected to take most of 2020. This will include conserving the stonework of the middle dam, upgrading the lower dam’s outlet and reprofiling the banks, damaged by time and invasive American Signal Crayfish. This will then be followed by the final landscape phase. An 18th century-inspired planting design will be implemented, sweeping lawns recreated and the iconic reflections of the Palladian Bridge restored.

The contractors selected to undertake the project are Alun Griffiths Ltd. The design team also includes Black and Veatch Engineers, Mildred Howell Cost Consultants and Prospect Archaeology. We are fulfilling various essential roles including Landscape Architect, Ecologist, Visualiser and Environmental Planner.

For more details please contact Jamie Farnell.

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