40 years ago, in 1982…

40 years ago, in 1982…

a litre of petrol cost 36p,a pint of beer cost 73p, ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ by Survivor was top of the hit parade for four consecutive weeks ….

….and Nicholas Pearson Associates was founded in Nicholas’ & Nicky’s basement flat in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme for 1982
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme for 1982 (Image credit: Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

The continuing success of the company after 40 years is very much due to the wonderful support of our clients, the rich variety of their projects, the range of services we provide, and the exceptional skill and values of the NPA staff, past and present (you know who you are!). The company has delivered top quality and award-winning projects year after year, and continues to seek to do so.

We will be delighted to help you with your next Environmental Design Landscape, Ecology or Visualisation project, and to realise your ambitions!

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