Positive decision for 28-storey redevelopment in Bristol

Planning permission has been granted by Bristol City Council (BCC) for the redevelopment of the Premier Inn site in Bristol.

We undertook Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA) and prepared Verified View Montages (VVM) providing essential analysis of the proposed development to help decision-makers when determining the planning application. The proposals comprise replacement built forms of 18- and 28-storeys together with a new public realm replacing the existing podium and 20-storey tower.

The Site, located at Haymarket, on St James Barton Roundabout junction, is in a key but sensitive position in the city. The adjacent St James’ Priory and St James’ Park are important heritage assets within the Conservation Area and the existing building is a prominent feature in local and wider views.

The proposed development provides 442 purpose-built student accommodation bedrooms and 132 co-living homes. 20% of the co-living homes will be at affordable Local Housing Allowance rents. The new public realm will create a safe and welcoming pedestrian route connecting Bristol Bus & Coach Station and the Broadmead shopping area.

Visual sensitivities related to views of the heritage assets and from the surrounding streets. This included the approach to the city from the M32. More elevated views from the Kingsdown Conservation Area are also notable, with the existing tower a feature in the cityscape.

Collaborating with a multidisciplinary consultant team, we undertook initial preliminary TVIA as part of pre-application consultation with BCC officers. Working closely with the heritage consultant helped to scope the required assessment and identified key issues for consideration. We then prepared a TVIA of the emerging proposals including advice concerning embedded design mitigation. A cumulative TVIA was also prepared to consider potential in-combination effects.

The preparation of VVM, undertaken following best practices, supported both the TVIA and the separate heritage assessment. The VVMs were an important part of the planning consultation process and enabled all stakeholders to understand the project.

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Simon is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience across the breadth of the planning and development sector.

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