Providing for an ageing population; International Day of Older Persons

The 1st October marks the annual ‘International Day of Older Persons’  providing for an ageing population.

The UN embarks upon a programme for a ‘Decade of Healthy Ageing’ as it seeks to nurture a “…concerted, catalytic and collaborative action to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live.

Our expertise add value within the retirement living and care sector. The aims of creating new residential and care settings within our communities fits with our own experience and hopes for the future.

We have an established track record of preparing high quality designs and visualisations to help our clients, their customers, and local planning authorities visualise how new development proposals will look once built as we work together in providing for an ageing population.  Our high quality and accurate architectural modelling, combined with our emphasis on the natural environment and seamless integration help our client promote their proposals with confidence.

Intergenerational connections

Most projects now include landscaped gardens and recreation areas. These are important for physical and mental wellbeing by including nature, adding beauty and creating value. With an ageing population, the pro-active co-location of new play parks as part of new retirement communities demonstrates a desire to bridge the generation gap and bring communities together.

Inclusivity, health and wellbeing

Inclusivity remains a key objective for our schemes. Private courtyards and roof terraces help more vulnerable residents to access fresh air and daylight. Outdoor greenspaces provide opportunities for exercise, relaxation and conversation. The selection of brownfield sites for re-development contributes to the regeneration of urban areas and affords easy access to local services, shops and transport.  Ultimately, all these fundamental elements benefit people of any age and contribute to societal health and wellbeing. Read about Boosting Health and Wellbeing through Landscape Design in our article here.

How can we help you?

As landscape architects we have all the skills needed to envision beautiful outdoor spaces and the experience to place them within recycled sites.

Our visualisers produce verifiable visual montages (VVMs) which are incredibly powerful planning application tools. They can be combined within a landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) or as standalone material.

Preparing computer-generated images (CGIs) or photomontages help communicate the design, aid collaboration around creating new ideas and enhance marketing and sales materials.


To find out more about how we can help you with your project, contact;

Chris Hale, 07885 879594


Jamie Farnell  07793 627434


Chris manages the delivery of our Visualisations service. He has been working in professional landscape and environmental practices since 1989.

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