North Taunton Development – Planning Consent

The North Taunton Development, part of the Taunton Garden Community initiative, has been granted planning consent.

Allocated in the Taunton Deane Borough Council (TDBC) Core Strategy, the North Taunton Development has been promoted through the planning system with Nicholas Pearson Associates providing landscape architectural and masterplanning inputs.

TDBC adopted the Framework Development Plan prepared by the consultant team in 2015. TDBC recognised the importance of the landscape-led approach taken to informing and forming the shape of the rural urban-fringe development near to the Quantock Hills.

The masterplan site, split into east and west masterplans, owing to the linear nature of the land allocation, includes new key highway infrastructure designed to unlock traffic congestion in the area and to encourage cycling and walking neighbourhoods.

Nicholas Pearson Associates prepared a comprehensive Green Infrastructure and Public Open Space Strategy for the development ensuring that the grain of the landscape will remain intact and be reinforced through the creation of an intentional rural-urban fringe landscape setting.

For more information please contact Jamie Farnell.

North Taunton Development - Planning Consent

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