Natural England Bat Low Impact Class Licence

The Natural England (NE) Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL) streamlines the application process for a licence, providing a more efficient and proportionate approach in ‘low impact’ situations. The BLICL permits individual ecologists, who have demonstrated they meet a strict criteria, and have been trained by NE, to oversee works that have an impact on roosts of low conservation significance. It applies where there will be impacts to, “no more than three species of the more common species of bats present in small numbers” in specific roost types.

Whilst a full suite of bat surveys is still required to ascertain the species and roost type, there is a reduction in the application process with a turnaround of 10 workings days.  During the trial, NE estimated savings to developers of £180,000 and 444 weeks in possible delays to development.

Since the scheme was launched in April 2015,  number of our client’s sites have been registered and the process has proven to offer significant time and cost savings to our clients.

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Natural England Bat Low Impact Class Licence

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