Cardiff AD facility consented

The Welsh Government has set a target to recycle 70% of all waste by 2025. The Cardiff Organic Waste Treatment Project aims to recycle the City’s food and green waste in a more environmentally friendly way.

Proposals by our client Kelda Organic Energy for a new anaerobic digestion facility in Cardiff have been granted planning consent by Cardiff City Council. In support of the planning application, we undertook the landscape and visual appraisal and the ecology survey, and prepared supporting information as part of the HRA (Habitat Regulations Assessment)  process.

We prepared a 3d model, as the image shows, as well as the exhibition material for public consultation.  Key considerations took into account that the project will introduce some large scale structures within an industrial part of the city, and is in close proximity to the Severn Estuary with its associated habitat designations (SAC, SSSI).


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