Bristol City Council’s Urban Living SPD Adopted

Bristol City Council’s Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been adopted after wide consultation. The document provides guidance on the efficient use of urban land whilst balancing context, placemaking and liveability. It encourages designers to positively address the future neighbourhoods and lifestyles that the City aims to support.

The guidance is applicable to all major developments in Bristol, residential developments and tall buildings 30m high and above, and sets out various questions for designers to consider.

We are currently using the guidance in relation to several mixed-use schemes within the city. A key part of our work requires an assessment of the landscape and visual effects, examining the scheme’s visual effects from local views and key vantage-points, in relation to the topography and existing tall buildings around the city.

Of particular relevance to developers is ‘Appendix C: Guidance for undertaking visual impact assessments’ which provides a summary of the methodology to be used when preparing Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) and producing Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) for planning submissions.

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Main image credit: Royal Fort Gardens landscape design by Nicholas Pearson Associates Ltd (Image by Bristol City Council)

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