Bath developments along River Avon moving forward

Some key development projects on sites along the River Avon in Bath, including sites within the Bath City Riverside Enterprise Area (BCREA), have gained planning consent in recent months, with construction work now starting to progress. Nicholas Pearson Associates has provided ecological services for a number of these projects including at Roseberry Place, Bath Quays South, Bath Quays Bridge and Midland Bridge Road.

The key ecological issues have related to the designation of the River Avon as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI), its use as an important habitat for bats, linking with the Bath & Bradford on Avon Bats Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the presence of otters. Inputs have sought to maximise ecological benefits that redevelopment can bring including the provision of suitable habitat enhancements within the project design.

Early survey work and detailed liaison with B&NES & NE and lighting engineers highlighted the need for sensitive riverside edge treatments and carefully considered lighting schemes to minimise lighting impacts on important habitats. In some instances new bat habitat has been provided through improved riverside planting and the provision of replacement bat roosts.

Our further inputs as projects progress include European Protected Species mitigation licence applications and site attendance during demolition.

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