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Claire completed the BSc Geography with Applied GIS degree at The University of Exeter and the Landscape Architecture Conversion Year at The University of Gloucestershire. She is working towards becoming a Chartered Landscape Architect.

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Claire provides landscape design support including planting schemes and management plans. She also contributes to LVIA and development projects in strategic and planning stages.


Claire understands the impacts of climate change on a variety of landscape processes, insights gained from her physical geography training. She considers how landscapes will evolve in the future and how good design can create sustainable landscapes. She achieves this with careful plant selection and producing details tailored to the site conditions.

Claire is also adept at utilising GIS to conduct strategic spatial and visual assessments for development proposals.

Her knowledge of adaptive landscapes and her GIS competency ensures that Claire is proactive in her design approach. This adds value to the clients that she works with.

Project Experience

Claire has completed planting and vegetation management plans for projects at various scales. The work includes the preparation of planting proposals for the National Trust’s historic dam and landscape restoration project at Prior Park, Bath. She undertook site construction and environmental inspections to check progress and highlight outstanding tasks.

Her residential sector experiences include a large-scale residential development at Stevenage. Claire worked with the design team to produce planting plans that complement the architectural style and the surrounding landscape setting. She selected a range of plant species providing biodiversity benefits. Her coordinated tree planting scheme and tree pit details ensure that all trees can grow to their mature size.

Claire has also supported a mixed-use development project within a Green Belt location in South Gloucestershire. She identified the opportunities and constraints of the site and created a visual presentation of the zoning plan.

She has provided support for the National Trust car parking study at Studland Peninsula, Dorset. The current infrastructure is at risk due to sea level rise and coastal retreat. She created figures for the existing facilities audit and used GIS to conduct a spatial analysis of future options.

Her other roles include following GLVIA3 guidelines in producing Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment figures for development projects at the planning stage. Using GIS, she creates maps that display the Zones of Theoretical Visibility of proposed developments and can map local landscape designations.


  • BSc (Hons)

Career History

  • Claire joined Nicholas Pearson Associates in 2021, following her studies at The University of Exeter and The University of Gloucestershire. She is working towards becoming a Chartered Landscape Architect.

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