The Packhorse Pub reopens!

The Packhorse Pub in South Stoke has reopened six years after the local community came together to buy, restore and run it as a community asset. Nicholas Pearson Associates is delighted to have been involved in such a worthwhile cause, assisting the project through the provision of ecological consultancy services.

As part of the restoration work, planning consent was required for various elements of the proposals and for the construction of a new extension. During the pre-planning application stage we undertook preliminary ecology survey which confirmed the presence of bats. Working closely with the project team community we undertook bat surveys to support the planning application and subsequent Natural England bat licence.  The proposals were modified so that the existing roost could be incorporated into the design, ensuring the long-term security of the roost.   It is proposed to involve the local community with the on-going monitoring of the roost, with the help of our licensed bat worker, to further promote awareness and understanding of bats.

To read the article in the Guardian click here

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