Swanage Household Recycling Centre wins RICS Award

It is generally accepted that there must be fundamental changes to the way waste is treated and that there must be a shift away from landfill. The Landfill Directive (Council Directive 99/31/EC) is the driving force behind this shift, and the Directive requires a significant reduction in the amount of biodegradable municipal waste that can be put into landfill in future.

The Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) was created on 1 April 2011. It is responsible for running waste services on behalf of the Dorset councils. The formation of the DWP followed the adoption of the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for Dorset in 2009; it aims, by Councils working together, to provide services more efficiently and cost effectively.

The DWP introduced a standardised, county-wide, recycling and refuse collection service, ‘recycle for Dorset’ and aims to increase Dorset’s recycling send less material to landfill and reduce costs.

The Swanage Household Recycling Centre which we designed and gained planning permission for, with the Dorset Waste Partnership, recently won a high commendation award at the RICS awards following on from being short-listed for a RIBA Award in 2012.  This project is a major new sustainable community recycling facility for Swanage and West Dorset which has been designed to clear environmental principles.

The Swanage Household Recycling Centre was opened early in 2012. It’s an important component in the facilities helping the Dorset Waste Partnership reach its recycling targets.

Please see our project example page for further information

For further information on our involvement in the Swanage Household Recycling Centre project and our work within the Waste Management sector please contact us.

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