Saw Close Public Realm Works Complete

The regeneration project set out to restore Saw Close as a key entertainment quarter for Bath, served by the Theatre Royal and an abundance of restaurants and bars.

Nicholas Pearson Associates was appointed to the team to develop the original concepts and the Council’s own adopted design guide to deliver a project to showcase this part of the World Heritage Site.

We identified that pedestrians greatly outnumbered vehicular traffic yet the traditional highway infrastructure visually dominated the appearance, character and social functions of the space. Our design addressed this by introducing a cohesive and level (flush) surface, free from conventional highway features. The installation of Pennant stone throughout the site signifies that pedestrians are free to roam across the space, whilst motorists should proceed with care. An elegantly simple, narrowed through-route for traffic is defined by corduroy paving which identifies the vehicle route to pedestrians whilst significantly widening the adjacent spaces for pedestrian comfort.

The works were carefully phased to tie in with the adjacent recently opened Casino project.

The works were completed in June 2018.

Saw Close Public Realm Works Complete Saw Close Public Realm Works Complete

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