Poole Bay Exploration Well

The Colter exploration well is currently being drilled within Poole Bay off the coast of Dorset using a Jack-Up rig.  The drilling is anticipated to take approximately three weeks and has been timed to avoid the peak tourist season.  As part of the application submitted by Corallian Energy Limited to gain consent for the exploratory oil drilling operations, an Environmental Statement was submitted to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

We contributed to the EIA Scoping Report and compiled a Landscape, Seascape and Visual Impact Assessment as part of the Environmental Statement.  A Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) and Visually Verified Montages (VVMs) were prepared as part of this assessment. The VVMs provided an indication of how the drilling rig was anticipated to look from a range of locations around Poole Bay, including Old Harry Rocks, Studland Beach, Bournemouth seafront and the west coast of the Isle of Wight.  A range of local stakeholder groups were consulted as part of the assessment.

We continue to work on oil and gas projects as part of a wider portfolio of work within the energy sector.  We also have extensive experience of working on renewable energy projects, including solar developments, windfarms and hydro power schemes.

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