National Botanical Garden of Wales Regency Water Park Restoration Award

We are delighted that the restoration of the Regency Water Park Lakes at the National Botanical Garden of Wales has been shortlisted as one of six projects for the People’s Choice Award hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers, recognising the best of civil engineering in the UK.

In support of the fund raising effort; working alongside the Nicholas Pearson Partnership as project lead consultant, NPAVisuals prepared a series of computer-generated images showing the proposed design for the restoration of the Lakes and Landscape at the National Botanical Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire.

Thomas Horner Station 4
Thomas Horner Station 4 Reproduced with kind permission of NBGW Archives
Thomas Horner Station 3
Thomas Horner Station 3 Reproduced with kind permission of NBGW Archives

The visualisations are based upon two paintings by Thomas Horner from 1815, one showing the ‘View from the north side of the house towards the park and Nelson’s Tower‘ and the other showing a ‘View of Llyn Mawr towards the mansion, including a boat and family party’. The visualisations aimed to replicate the visual experience from these viewpoint locations as accurately as possible to show the proposals for the extensive water park restoration works.

CGI Horner 03
View from the north side of the house
Station 3 Panorama Pro
View from the north side of the house Proposed CGI Visualisation

To prepare the images, we first visited the site to gain an understanding of the landscape in and around the Botanical Gardens and to capture high quality photography for use in the final compositions. Following the site visit, and working alongside the designers, we created an enhanced 3d model with extra detail where needed to help capture the essence of the proposals. Our photography references were used to build up layers of visual information to create the final visualisations so that the ‘future’ view was created.

The physical restoration works were completed in 2020, and the quality, scale and ambition of the project has attracted lots of attention. The project is shortlisted for the Institution of Civil Engineers annual People’s Choice Award and is the only green engineering project included in the short list.

A short video review of how the project was brough about  can be viewed on youtube and if you would like to vote for the project in the People’s Choice Awards, follow the links.

If you would like to talk to us about how our visualisation expertise can help promote your project aspirations fund raising bids or marketing, please contact one of our team to find out how we can help you.

Chris manages the delivery of our Visualisations service. He has been working in professional landscape and environmental practices since 1989.

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