Managing floods in Cannington, Somerset

Four years ago forty homes in Cannington, Somerset were inundated when torrential rain caused Cannington Brook to overflow. The Environment Agency responded by commissioning the £4 million Cannington Flood Defence Scheme. The scheme includes a Flood Relief Channel which is over 1 km long and 17m wide, with another 1km of Brook widening. It will take excess water out of the Cannington Brook during flood conditions.

While the project is not due for completion until the end of March 2017, the Environment Agency has been able to make use of the new channel during recent storms and reduce flows through the village.  As recently reported on BBC local news, villagers are optimistic that the scheme will withstand similar storms in the months to come.

Nicholas Pearson Associates undertook the Landscape and Visual Assessment and Landscape Design for the scheme. The objectives were to retain landscape character, maximise tree retention and consider the aesthetic qualities of roadside accessories such as bridge walls and crash barriers.

Link to Environment Agency Newsletter

Link to BBC Local News, see sixth item

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