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Will supports the team with professional ecological surveying of protected species such as Bats and Great Crested Newts across the survey season. He also analyses large datasets of bat recordings from various sites, and contributes to Preliminary Ecological Appraisals through Phase 1 habitat surveying and GIS mapping.

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Will graduated with a BSc (Hons) Environmental Science degree at the University of the West of England in 2019. Before joining NPA in March 2021, he worked for multiple small ecology firms as a subcontractor ecological surveyor of protected species such as bats, Great Crested Newts and reptiles.

Through studying an Environmental Science degree and subsequently working as a subcontractor for multiple ecologists during 2019 and 2020, Will has gained much experience and a deep understanding of the importance of wildlife and the health of ecosystems in sustaining human society.

Will applies his practical expertise to various projects for NPA, surveying protected species including Bats and Great Crested Newts to a high standard. He carries out bat activity, emergence and re-entry surveys, and can efficiently analyse bat data using specialised bat sound analysis software.

Will is working towards a Great Crested Newt (GCN) licence, and is a competent GCN surveyor using bottle trapping, torching, and egg searching methods. He can confidently and safely capture and translocate GCN, other amphibians and reptiles. Furthermore, Will has a sound and continuously progressing botanical knowledge, providing the necessary skills to carry out Phase 1 and UKHabs habitat surveys.

Project Experience

Will has worked on various projects for NPA since joining in March 2021. He completed a full GCN survey season undertaking six surveys of multiple ponds from April to May, to monitor the GCN populations at ornamental ponds and receptor ponds built several years ago as mitigation for development. This is part of an annual and ongoing monitoring project, using the bottle trapping, torching and egg searching methods to confirm a stable GCN population.

On a former school redevelopment project, and a housing development project in Somerset, Will worked across the whole season to establish bat activity levels, locations of any bat roosts and the type of bat roosts present. Will acted as the survey leader on emergence and re-entry bat surveys of the former school site, regularly deploying static automated bat detectors. He also analyses the data using bat analysis software.

Will has also supported the completion of Preliminary Ecological Appraisals by producing Phase 1 habitat survey maps on GIS software, carried out eDNA sampling and Habitat Suitability Index assessments of ponds to confirm or presence of absence of Great Crested Newts, and continues to analyse large datasets of bat recordings over previous survey seasons.


  • CIEEM Qualifying Member
  • BSc (Hons)

Career History

  • Will joined NPA in 2021, following two years of being a subcontractor ecological surveyor for multiple ecology firms, and having jobs in countryside management and GIS mapping for the Rural Payments Agency. While studying Environmental Science at UWE, he took a placement year in industry which included volunteering on a nature reserve in the Scottish Highlands and working in the Suffolk AONB team.

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07793 627437
01225 876990

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