Saw Close public realm enhancements underway

Works in front of the Theatre Royal in Saw Close, Bath have begun and will create a thriving pedestrian-friendly space amidst the some of the City’s key entertainment venues. The works will dovetail with the adjacent private casino, hotel and restaurant development.

The Nicholas Pearson Associates design will see the existing wide carriageway and narrow pavements become a flexible ‘Shared Space’ which retains access for vehicles but without allowing motor vehicles to dominate the space. Raised kerbs will be replaced with flush surfaces delineated by corduroy hazard warning paving and the space given over to vehicles will be narrowed creating wide footways that will frame the space. Saw Close will be reclaimed as a space to enjoy the entertainments or simply to pass through.

In keeping with the World Heritage Site setting, traditional natural Pennant stone will be reinstated throughout the space and serve as a stunning setting to the surrounding architecture which includes Beau Nash’s house, Gascoyne Place, Bluecoat House and the Theatre Royal.

Works are expected to be completed in April 2018.

Saw Close Public Realm Works Complete

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