Planning and Designing Healthy Communities

The planning and design of a wide range of projects can make a real difference to the daily life and health and wellbeing communities. There is an increasing body of evidence to demonstrate that where development supports healthy lifestyles, quality of life is improved and inequalities are reduced. The approach also generates benefits in terms of sustainability, biodiversity, local economy, community safety and transport objectives.

Bristol Heath Partners want to ensure that health and wellbeing are considered in an integrated way within planning policy and decision making across the West of England for the next 20 years.  It is also something that we take into account in our own work.

Nicholas Pearson Associates is engaged in the design and delivery of a range of health and wellbeing related landscapes and developments, including walkable shared spaces, play areas, parks and gardens, nature reserves, cycleways and sports stadia.  These principles are also taken into account in the masterplanning of new communities.

Photograph by Nicholas Pearson Associates

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